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Hot Air Convetion Melters

Hot Air Convection Melters are the Smarter Choice!

Hot air convection melting pots provide several benefits when compared to conventional water jacket wax melters. Safety, economy, and quality are all enhanced when using our fully insulated, even-heating melting pots.

  • Lower Energy Costs: Conventional water jacket melters are not insulated. There is typically only a thin layer of metal between the 200-degree water and the outside air, which leads to rapid heat loss. If the water heater in your house were constructed this way, your monthly gas or electric bill could double! Our insulated convection heaters are more expensive to purchase, but will pay you back in lower energy costs.
  • Safety: The insulated outer shell on our heaters means that the outside of the pot stays cool, reducing the risk of burns from accidental contact with hot exterior surfaces.
  • Water Jacket Melter Diagram Hot Air Convection Melter Diagram
  • Even Heating: Water jacket melters depend on proper water level for even heating. Our hot air convection system heats the entire pot evenly all the time, freeing you from checking and maintaining water levels and eliminating hot spots.
  • Durability: Since water jacket heaters require that the heating element remain submerged, a leak or operator error can result in severe damage to the heating element. No such worries with a hot air convection heater, as the heating elements in our units are designed to work in air rather than water, and are guaranteed by the manufacturer for one full year!